Howdy, this is my first game with bitsy.

To move use the directional arrows and to interreact with something/someone, just ran into them, ya that's rude, sorry.

cup of tea

it's a CUP of delicious tea !

This is also the first game i publish on, so if you can and want to support me, you can tip me something.
The game is very short, like 15 minutes i guess, despite it took my an entire day of work cause i wasn't familiar with bitsy and i made everything myself. Please don't be too strict with it. I tried to give a s gameboy style, and the main caracter is inspired by Mr Game and Watch.
I also made a theme for my game, it's kinda rough, but it's my first original composition, so i guess that i'm pretty proud of it, despite it's not incerdible.

So be it, have fun !


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The tea was delicious!!